Apple Glass can make the information it displays more visible with its lenses adjusted for ambient light.A new patent application that was realized for Apple Glass has again sparked claims about these smart glasses.

Accordingly, Apple augmented reality glasses may come up with lenses adjusted for ambient light.

The application in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is titled “Localized Optical Tuned Imaging System”. In addition, the application also mentions “Localized Optical Settings”, which refers to changes in lenses in Apple Glass. In simpler terms, the lens can be automatically adjusted to the ambient light in the real world around the wearer. Thus, Apple Glass will change its lenses according to bright light or night scenarios. The patent also states that adjustable light modulators can be used to selectively darken parts of a user’s field of view.

This basically means Apple is trying to adjust the brightness of the real world. Thus, the information displayed to the user can be made more visible through glasses. In other words, the appearance and brightness of the object will be adjusted to match the brightness of the real world, with individual adjustments for each lens.


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