Apple, which will diversify its designs in the 5nm process next year, will start production in the 3nm process the next year. He is in talks with TSMC for this.

It has recently come to the fore that Apple has reserved 80 percent of the 5nm production lines in its partner TSMC facilities. Apple did not settle with this and demanded a certain share of 3nm production lines.

Apple plans long term
Deciding to switch desktop systems to ARM architecture, Apple will have an important place in the chip world. In addition, the number of processor models designed as ARM-based will also increase. Consequently, more production lines will be required for Apple.

Apple, which is expected to sell around 300 million ARM-based devices as of next year, has closed 80 percent of its partner TSMC’s 5nm production lines. Apple, which is expected to design a chip in the 3nm process in 2022, again knocked on its partner’s door.

According to the information received, Apple has closed a certain 3nm production line again. TSMC aims to reach a monthly production of 50 thousand processors in test production. This figure will increase many times over when it comes to volume production.

It is stated that TSMC should receive at least 300 million processor orders in order to be able to make investments for 3nm production. Apple is the best candidate with its current potential. In this respect, it is stated that the negotiations were positive.

Apart from Apple, there is no other designer with clear information in the 3nm process at the moment, but Qualcomm will probably switch to the current roadmap in 2022. In addition, Qualcomm uses high-end Samsung casting facilities. In this respect, TSMC may not have a burden in 2022, except for Apple.


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