Apple managed to close its difference with Samsung with the revenues it earned in the second quarter of 2021. Apple broke record from record.


In the smartphone market in Europe, Apple has managed to close the gap with Samsung. We can say that the technology giant from Cupertino, which broke a record with the revenues of the second quarter of 2021, shocked everyone with the profit it made. Apple announced that in the second quarter of 2021, it made a very high revenue of $ 89.6 billion and a net profit of $ 23.6 billion.

Smiling Tim Cook announced that iPhone 12 sales boomed in the three-month period and exceeded their expectations. Approaching Samsung’s revenues, Apple is very fortunate to achieve this success despite the high price of the iPhone 12. Comparing Apple to Samsung is actually ridiculous. If Samsung does not advertise at all, it introduces 3-4 phones a month. Apple introduces 4 phones a year and looks at its way. So let’s point out that Samsung’s earning from the release should not be compared with Apple.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most powerful phone in the world, has not yet received a response from the Android front. With the Snapdragon 888 Pro, the iPhone 12 family can take a heavy hit. However, it seems very difficult for this to prevent the sales of the iPhone 12. As you know, the coronavirus that took the world by storm and emerged from China also destroyed the technology industry. That’s why Tim Cook states that it is difficult to comment on how Apple will perform in the third quarter.

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Apple, which will introduce its new software in June, will exhibit the iPhone 13 family in September. We can already clearly say that the iPhone 13, which will take the world by storm, will be the most popular phone when it comes out.

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