A new project has come from Apple, which has been working on users staying at home because of the Corona virus. This project has been called the “Apple Online Store”. What will Apple’s online store center offer?

Apple online store center: Apple Online Store is here
As it is known, Apple already has an online store service, but there is a different system on this store channel. The famous technology company, which temporarily closes many of the stores in the shopping centers, focused on digitalization.

The first point that attracted attention in this system was that Apple wanted to bring its experts together with customers. Because as soon as you open the page, the first tab that comes up to the users was prepared to answer the questions of the customers.

Looking at the second tab, it is understood that emphasis is placed on free and safe delivery. Although Apple started to slowly open its stores in shopping malls, it took precautions against the unpredictability of the future.

In addition to this, Apple added the order tracking system to this store center, talking about the convenience of its own card and the advantages available for this card. Apart from that, when we look below, all Apple products are classified.

For this project, “Everything you love about our stores is online!” Using the slogan, Apple does not want to be affected by the unpredictable side effects of the Corona virus. In this context, it is obvious that Apple wants to protect its customers.


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