Apple, which creates an event with every step it takes, is currently facing Facebook. Apple, which recently waged war on Facebook with the iOS 14.5 update, now makes a radical decision for the mini model Apple iPhone 12 Mini Apple iPhone 12 Mini was. As it is known, we mentioned in the news that the iPhone 12 Mini could not reflect the expectations in sales figures and had very bad results. In fact, it was more or less certain that Apple made such a decision. Apple unplugged the iPhone 12 Mini.



The Mini model, which we can describe as the disgrace of the iPhone 12 series, has been frequently criticized for both its performance and sales. The model, which almost broke a record with its sales, will soon cease production. While this decision was positively evaluated by the technology world, we have reached all the details and compiled it for you.


Apple Unplugs iPhone 12 Mini

The technology giant decided to produce a mini version of the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 series, and shortly after this news, the model was produced and took its place in the market. Until today, the phone, which could not satisfy with its sales, broke a record as the least selling phone of the series with its sales figures. The news came today. It was expected.

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Apple decided to unplug the iPhone 12 Mini, which could not satisfy with its sales. In the next quarter, it was decided to end the production of the mini phone with 5G technology. While it is not known how long the model will resist in the market, which reduced the sales of the series considerably, the shutter was lowered for its production.


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