With the campaign launched by Tim Cook, Apple acted against racism after the US events. Protests that erupted with the killing of George Floyd by a policeman led to major events in the country.

Apple was also one of the companies that gave messages against racism. This time, he came to the agenda with the aid of $ 100 million that he will donate to organizations advocating equality and justice.

Apple to subsidize racism

With his tweet, Tim Cook promised $ 100 million in donations to organizations working against racial injustice. Although he did not give a date for the donation in question, he managed to attract attention with this promise. Cook said that this sensitivity will start in the USA and spread all over the world.

On June 4, a letter to Apple official site was published by Tim Cook against racial inequality. The Apple Music platform also stopped serving for 9 minutes. The $ 100 million donation corresponds to 0.007 of Apple’s total value.

With the help of non-governmental organizations, the work is accelerating, so the message to be delivered reaches people more quickly. Apple seems to make organizations happy with its work against racism.

Amazon promised to donate $ 10 million to equal justice organizations on May 31. Then Google announced that it would make a $ 12 million donation. If we look at the figures that the three companies have committed, Apple seems to take the matter more seriously.

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Let’s see what will happen as a result of the US events.


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