Leaks about Apple’s future plans are slowly emerging. While we are getting news about the iPhone 13, on the other hand, we come across some technological developments that will be brought to smartphones. Leading the industry, Apple is sadly a bit pessimistic in bringing advanced technologies to its phones. Considering even the slightest mistake that will come out of business, the giant manufacturer usually prefers to bring the innovations offered by Android users to their phones after a few years. Now, new reports have emerged that Apple will make a big move in terms of security. According to reports, the US company received a new patent to improve the existing Face ID technology.



Apple patents for new Face ID

Apple received a new patent related to Face ID biometric security systems. This patent; It plans to make the screen unlock more capable by using the face heat map, according to reports. The new FaceID technology that Apple plans for its future phones will be sensitive to the user’s thermal temperature for authentication.

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Face recognition technology, which is generally used in smartphones, focuses only on the face of the person whose face is identified. This system also has some annoying disadvantages. For example; With the appearance of obstacles such as masks, glasses or hair, you come across an obstacle such as the inability to unlock face recognition.

With this new generation face recognition technology patented by Apple, you will not have such a problem. Thanks to the new Face ID, the device will allow you to create a private password by defining the heat map from different parts of your face. This will apply to any individual who is unique.


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