During its iOS 15 presentation, Apple humiliated Android phones. Apple’s FaceTime visual will make Android users very, very angry.


Showing the iOS 15 version at the WWDC 21 event, Apple announced that it has made great breakthroughs for FaceTime. With iOS 15, it will be possible to create a link for FaceTime chats, and thanks to this link, it will be possible to join the conversation from Android phones, just like Zoom. However, Apple has signed a big scandal at this point. We can say that Apple has officially humiliated Android phones with the visual it uses.

Apple, which brought the finger-like notch to our lives with the iPhone X in 2017, is still using this notch even though we entered 2021. On the Android side, in addition to the dot notch, under-screen camera sensors are also used. Now you understand the difference. However, the phone that Apple used to show that FaceTime works on Android attracted attention with its front camera. Using a giant dot notch, Apple took us back to 2018. Because the last notch on that scale was used in 2018.

It is very wrong to insult Android so much when you say that I will praise your own devices. Apple’s move soon garnered reactions on social media.


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