The world-famous technology company Apple is preparing to mark 2021 with its new tablet. Apple iPad Pro 2021 will be launched at the end of this month.


Apple company, which took the smartphone market from Samsung in the fourth quarter of 2020, handed over the leadership again to the South Korean technology giant last month. The South Korean company, which continues to reach millions with its new flagships, continues to come up with brand new developments, while one of the company’s closest competitors, Apple, does not stand idly by. The world-famous company, which continues to work on the foldable iPhone model, is now preparing to scare its competitors with a new tablet. Apple iPad Pro 2021 will be released later this month.

As you may remember, in the news we made in the past weeks, we mentioned that Apple company will introduce the new iPad series and we mentioned that this series will host two different models. The news that we stated that one of these models will also come out with a Mini-LED screen has attracted a lot of attention from our esteemed readers. New information about the new tablet series has arrived today. The release date of the new tablet seems to have been determined.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Coming This Month End

The new tablet model, which is expected to appear with a 12: 9 inch Min-LED display, will be launched with a M1-like chipset. Faced with a chip shortage, the company will produce a limited number of the new tablet model. With its tablet design, which will be charged with USB-C type, it will almost stone its competitors. The model, whose official release date is not known, came to the agenda with many claims that it will be released at the end of this month. As a result of the developments on our radar, the new tablet will be released this month at Rs 76,000.

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