Apple relies on external suppliers for the LiDAR sensors it will use in Apple Car. The company is in negotiations with several suppliers, according to the latest news.

Technology giant Apple is in talks with many suppliers on LiDAR technology for Apple Car, according to Bloomberg’s report. LiDAR will help an Apple Car detect other objects around it to aid self-driving abilities

Important technology for autonomous vehicles: LiDAR
Located in an important position for autonomous vehicles, LiDAR sensors are used to determine the distance of the vehicle from objects, people and other vehicles. LiDAR sensors are included in iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro devices to provide great improvements in both augmented reality and photography.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is talking to several LiDAR suppliers working on next-generation hardware. The report also stated that Apple has developed most of the software required for autonomous vehicles.

Bloomberg’s post: “Apple Inc. is in talks with several suppliers of driverless car sensors for sensors known as LiDAR, according to people familiar with the subject, which was a major milestone in the development of the first passenger car. California-based tech giant sees the surroundings of a car computer”. “It is in active discussions with a number of potential suppliers for these laser-based sensors that enable.” statements took place.

Bloomberg also echoed previous reports that Apple Car was at least five years away.


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