Apple continues its crazy plans without slowing down. The latest patent of the technology giant from Cupertino shows that the new MacBook will have wireless charging feature. It looks like the new Apple MacBook will be able to charge iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly.



As you know, Apple abandoned Intel’s X86 architecture and switched to ARM architecture with the Apple M1. Apple, which did not change the case of the MacBook this year, seems to go for a complete innovation in the new version. What kind of material will be used in this case change is a matter of curiosity. Because it is said that the materials in the current case are not suitable for wireless charging.

Apple, who switched to wireless charging technology exactly 3 years after Android, has to close its gap in this area with such crazy plans. However, the latest patent does not seem very useful. Because in order to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch, the trackpad of the MacBook must be placed there. As such, it will be very difficult to use the MacBook while the iPhone is charging. Because you will need to hold your palm in the air and have a hand paralysis.

Whether Apple will use this technology is unknown. Apple, which has received such patents, applies some of them and keeps others for the future. Probably, this will be among the plans kept for the future.

Though Apple has a lot of criminal record for charging a product. For example; To charge Magic Mouse 2, you need to connect Lightning to the back of the mouse. When you plug in Lightning, the mouse becomes unusable.

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