Currently working on the foldable iPhone series, Apple continues to plan its technological products that will make a lot of noise. The famous company, which earns millions of dollars with its products every year, is preparing to appear again with the iPhone 13 series. The company, which punished the failure of the iPhone 12 Mini by stopping production, continues to work hard to make this failure forget. Since the launch of the iPhone 12, the company has also introduced a handful of MagSafe accessories, including a leather wallet and a few cases, and is now known for magnetic batteries.



The company, which plans to offer a more advanced technological experience with its new flagship, will also offer new iPad models to users all over the world this year. The famous name, which has managed to gain appreciation with MagSafe accessories, continues to come up with new claims. If this claim is true, other phone brands may be jealous of this situation.

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Apple Makes a Magnetic Battery Pack for iPhones

According to foreign sources, Apple is developing a new battery pack that will magnetically connect to the latest iPhones and support wireless charging. Unlike the company’s previously released smart battery cases, the new MagSafe accessory will not act as a complete protective case. Evidence of the magnetic battery accessory was allegedly seen in the beta version of iOS 14.5 but was later removed. The company that claims to have developed this plugin for more than a year is expected to introduce this product in the coming months.


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