The first malware designed specifically for Apple’s new M1 chip was discovered. Unfortunately, the new target of hackers will be to adapt their malware to Apple’s ARM-based Macs. It is not yet known how to protect against Apple M1 virus attack. Probably Apple will take a quick action on this matter.



According to a report published by Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle; The new malware has been adapted and recompiled to run locally on the M1 chip. Wardle discovered that the first known native M1 malware was in the form of a Safari adware extension.

This was originally done to run on the Cupertino-based giant’s Intel x86-based chips. The malicious extension is called “GoSearch22” and is a known member of the “Pirrit” Mac adware family.

GoSearch22 adware appears to be a legitimate Safari browser extension that tracks and collects users’ data and serves a large number of ads such as banners and pop-ups.

Some of these pop-ups are linked to other malicious websites that spread more malware. According to Wardle, the adware was signed with an Apple Developer ID in November 2020. He also added that since the malware for the M1 is still in its early stages, antivirus software does not detect it as easily as in x86 versions.


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