The MacBook Pro, one of Apple’s distinguished computers, has come to a deadlock with a major problem that has recently emerged. According to reports from users, MacBook Pros are reported to be no longer charging and the battery level remains at 1% continuously. The officials of the US company made a statement on this subject and explained what caused the problem.



Apple officials who received complaints from thousands of MacBook Pro owners; reported that the problem was caused by a bug that an update released recently gave the system. However, officials say engineer departments are currently working to fix the problem. In the near future, the repair update that the errors have been fixed will reach users.

After the occurrence of this problem, people, thinking that their computer battery was a problem, went to the service and changed their batteries. Unfortunately, this problem was not caused by the battery. In other words, a hardware error was not encountered because it was a “system error”. The basis of the problem was the “software update” released recently. This will likely reach users via OTA after software engineers have fixed the issues.

For now, MacBook Pro owners cannot use their computers on laptops. In order for them to do something on their device, they all need to navigate with the charging adapter and use their computer just like a desktop PC. We hope that the problem will be resolved soon and users will not experience an event like this again.


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