Apple News: As the second largest company in the smartphone market, Apple has become the leader of the wireless headphone market with its earphone models.


Apple, which has made a name for itself with its foldable smartphones, will introduce the iPhone 13 towards the end of the year. The smartphone, which will have its own features, will be heavier in addition to the previous phones. The iPhone 13, which will offer a longer experience in terms of its battery, will have the largest batteries in the series. The company, which will introduce new MacBook Pro models in the next year, has also found its place in our news with its success in wireless headset models. The company’s leadership in the wireless headphone market was once again confirmed.

The technology giant, which accelerated the sales of its products despite the corona virus, continues to be loved by millions with its earphone models. Continuing to grow in the headphone market, the company again managed to reach millions.

Apple Becomes the Leader of the Wireless Headphones Market

In fact, we have mentioned many times before how successful the company’s wireless headset models are. In particular, the new TWS earphone models, which we have seen in the past weeks, attracted our attention, both with stylish design and high performance. With the information received today, the success of the company was once again revealed. According to a report, TWS earphone models saw a massive 44 percent sales increase in the first quarter of this year. While the biggest sales in the market were made in China, it was the North American market later on.


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