In August, Apple sued a company called Prepear for its logo. Although the logo is a pear logo, Apple complained that the logo looked like their own.

Prepear founder Natalie Monson explains the billion-dollar company’s lawsuit process against its modest firms; He says that in addition to targeting the icon of Apple’s own companies, this symbol is very close to their own icons and they think it may stain the Apple brand. He also underlines that this process will cost them tens of thousands of dollars and will be expensive.

On the other hand, Apple explained the reason why they thought that the pear logo resembled their own apple logos; He states that the logo includes a small fruit design and a leaf located to the right, which brings to mind the familiar logo of Apple.

However, although the company tries to protect its brand; A petition filed by Prepear parent firm Super Healthy Kids for Apple to drop the case collected 250,000 signatures. This naturally has attracted the attention of Apple. So this could be the next step.

Apple and Prepear trial delayed for thirty days

In the filing filed last week regarding the case, it was requested that the case between Apple and Prepear be postponed for thirty days. The reason for this was claimed to be “both sides actively negotiate to resolve this situation.” If no agreement can be reached by January 23, transactions will continue from that date. Also, if either party chooses not to wait until this date and restart the process, they will be free to do so.

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A calendar related to the trial process tells us that this case can last until about 2022. So if there is no agreement between Apple and Prepear companies, it seems that we may continue to hear about this dispute for a while.


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