According to a new report, it is said that Apple may enter the foldable phone market in 2022.We can say that Apple’s iPhone 12 series has a great resonance as it has a completely new design and form factor.

Besides, while manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei varied in producing foldable smartphones, Apple did not even give a hint of their products in this form. Samsung has already launched three foldable smartphone models, improving the foldability of the phone with each version. However, according to the reports released this week, it is stated that Apple will enter the foldable phone market in the coming period. The expected potential date is 2022.

As we mentioned above, a recent report from DigiTimes shows that Apple will launch its first foldable iPhone in 2022. These days we are beginning to see all kinds of foldable smartphones, some fold up and in, while others fold out to make the phone with the small screen into a “phablet” with a larger screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip devices are in direct competition, as they have a similar folding mechanism. It is very likely that Apple will participate in this competition in the coming periods.

The report also notes that there has been a leap forward in the adoption of OLED displays. This will also allow LG and Japan Displays to increase production. This is the reason why Apple decided to equip every iPhone model with an OLED panel. Apple does not want to be out of this market, considering that foldable screens will have a very important place in the next generation screen production.

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The company currently holds several patents on foldable iPhones. According to rumors, a foldable iPhone was sent to Foxconn for testing earlier this year. In addition, leakage information about a foldable device with an iPhone 11-like design has also been revealed. In the information, it was revealed that the device would contain two different screens depending on the folding point in the center. This shows that the iPhone does not have a true one-piece foldable screen, but a dual-screen device like the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Finally, it should be noted that the new Apple foldable phone may be launched in 2022, but the exact information will be announced by the company in the coming periods.


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