Just like April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, May 19, Remembrance of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day will be celebrated digitally, not in squares due to corona virus. Apple Music, together with the national athletes, prepared a collection called Home. With the Apple Music Home collection, the joy of May 19 is at your home.

Enthusiasm of May 19: Apple Music Home collection
Apple Music rolled up its sleeves for the enthusiasm of May 19 and has opened its collection named At Home from today. In the 19 May private collection; From the world champion female wrestler Yasemin Adar to the world sprint champion Ramil Guliyev, from the first modern pentatlet İlke Özyüssel, the first Turkish female wheelchair tennis player Büşra Ün at the Paralympic Games, from Yasmani Copello Escobar. To the rock climbing national athlete Duru Güneş Yalçın and our Olympic judo Büşra Katipoğlu, our successful young national athletes compiled music lists that motivated them on the way to the championship.

National athletes explained their choices with the following words:

Büşra Ün: “There are songs on this list that remind me of what I can achieve with limited possibilities and that I can always do better. As well as the songs that helped me to play with high motivation, I also included songs that could pick me up when my mod fell. I find this power sometimes in a refrain and sometimes in rhythms. ”

Büşra Katipoğlu: “I love to focus and leave myself completely flowing while I am training.”

Ramil Guliyev: “Listening to music is important to me, normally 10-12 hours of the day is spent listening to music.”

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Yasemin Adar: “I generally prefer to use my music list in my running trainings. While preparing my list, I choose both domestic and foreign songs, and try to adjust my running pace by putting calmer music between them. ”

Yasmani Copello Escobar: “Music is like air and water for me. I can’t live without music. ”

İlke Özy Yüksel: “I look at how they feel in me rather than the type of songs and what kind of energy they create in me.” he says: “I have been preparing for competitions that require high performance with slow music, but I have never been prepared without music. I integrate with music. ”

Duru Güneş Yalçın: “Listening to music helps me to keep my energy and motivation high especially when I work alone.”


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