Both the claims made and the lines detected in the iOS 14.6 beta version show that the Apple Music service is working to provide lossless sound.

Today, hundreds of millions of people enjoy at least one online music service and generally prefer standard quality sound. However, some services try to catch a certain audience by offering lossless sound quality. Apple Music is also in preparation.

Apple Music HiFi is coming

Some services such as Tidal HiFi and Spotify HiFi are trying to appeal to a specific audience with their lossless audio feature. It also contributes to revenues with a slightly higher subscription fee. Now Apple has started to test this technology too.

Lines that appear in the iOS 14.6 beta codes point to the definition of lossless music. Apple later removed these lines, but could not prevent it from spreading. A $ 10 HiFi subscription claim to Apple Music was raised in recent weeks, and the lines of code confirm this.

It is not known whether Apple will present the new feature with iOS 14.6 or will appear in the promotional period of the new generation AirPods headphones. In addition, it is considered that HiFi service can be an important point of interest with a special technology support for AirPods headphones. Still, some sources think that the definitions refer to Dolby Atmos or Dolby Audio technologies.

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