The new Apple AR / VR headset will stand out with its price tag as well as its features. Apple launches all the products it promotes with a high-end price tag. However, it brings incredible innovations to both users and the world of technology. Now it is preparing to add a new AR / VR headset to these products.



The first report on Apple’s work on Augmented Reality was published in 2017. The studies have been conducted in secret by Apple ever since. However, according to reports, Apple’s new title may be introduced next year. Apple laid the foundation of the new VR headset by adding LIDAR sensors to the iPad and iPhone models and developing its own silicon.

Apple’s new title is expected to cost $ 3,000. However, the title will have the strongest and most advanced hardware ever. In addition, the title will have two 8K screens. The device will be able to reduce the load on the GPU without reducing the video quality by enabling depth creation with new eye tracking technology. In other words, the image will be able to appear in full resolution only in the area where the user is focused.

LIDAR sensors will be included in the device to map the area and monitor the movement of the coil. It is also said that Apple is working on a physical dial or accessory described as a “thimble” that it will position on the side of the head for controls such as hand tracking and eye tracking.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple will produce a separate chipset for the title. Although the new chipset will offer more powerful performance, it will have similar features to the M1 chipset, according to estimates. However, it may have similar features with the M2 chipset that will be introduced later. Fabric materials will be used on the exterior of the title. Thus, the headboard will have a lighter structure.

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Apple’s new title will be a VR headset with AR functionality. Apple may introduce its new product next year. However, according to some reports, this period can be extended for a few more years.


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