Apple, which is among the biggest technology giants of today, is going to court because of a feature in its smart watches.


There are new news from Apple, which is talked about with smart watches as well as smartphones and tablets. The company, which owns 40 percent of smart watches sold in 2020, is the leader of the smart watch market. Competition in the smart watch market, which also includes brands such as OnePlus and Samsung, continues at full speed. With the information coming today, the company claimed that they have the best heart rate tracking algorithms on the market. According to some details, the company is preventing users from using third-party apps because it thinks it has the best algorithms. Apple is on its way to court.

Competition continues in the technology market, where different developments are taking place. On the day of striking details, another new detail emerged. The famous company seems to show up in the corners of the court again.

Apple on its way to court

According to the information we obtained, the US company AliveCor claimed that Apple prevented its users from using third-party applications on their smart watches. Allegedly, the company is preventing users from using third-party heart rate apps because they think they have the best heart rate algorithm. Expressing that the company violated its patents, AliveCor brought this situation to the US International Trade Commission. According to some claims, many small companies file such lawsuits to make money from larger companies. The outcome of this trial is unknown.


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