In the smart phone market, we see that manufacturers have removed their chargers from phone boxes one after another. The reason for this is “sensitivity to the environment”. It is not known whether anyone believes this, but the manufacturers take shelter behind it and take their chargers out of the box. First Apple, then Xiaomi and finally Samsung removed the chargers from their boxes. When Apple unpacked the charger, Samsung made fun of Apple, and a few months later, it took the charger out of the box for the Galaxy S21 series.



Today, a very important claim has been made. Apple is preparing to remove the charge input from the phone in the next phone, the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S (the name is not exactly clear for now). Recently, Apple has been the subject of waves with its charging power and has been criticized seriously for this. While manufacturers offered 65W power to us in mid-segment phones, they could only offer 20W fast charging support in the new generation iPhone 12 series. OPPO launched its phones with 125W and Xiaomi with 120W support. On the other hand, we saw that Apple could only offer us 15W charging support with its magnet wireless charger called Qi magnetic fast wireless charging.

According to the information received today, it will cancel the charge data entry that Apple calls Lightning on its new generation phone. We do not know if this will be true. Because, as we said, this input is not only a charge input, but also an input that provides data transfer. Apparently; Apple will also offer us a wireless data communication support (such as AirDrop) on the new iPhone. Apart from these features, the new generation iPhone will also be an under-screen fingerprint sensor. When we look at the information revealed today, it is seen that Apple will continue with 120Hz on the screen scanning speed. So it seems that; Apple will now offer many features on the Android side to its users.

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