A patent registered by Apple about two years ago seems to have predicted social distance. It was created to bring people together in a virtual space, but all in their own place and with their respective devices. And so, he reorganizes the scenario by bringing them all together in this space.

The concept, of course, is not related to the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), nor to covid-19. As raised by the Patently Apple website, the invention is by Jean-Fran├žois Albouze and was published in early June by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

According to the patent description, “a computing device can generate a synthetic group selfie”. This example can bring together a single image from different devices, even static or video, to create a single composition. It is also mentioned that images of transmissions can be used.

“The computing device [smartphone, tablet] can automatically organize individual selfies into a synthetic group selfie,” says the report.

“Gather” everyone

The implementation, in this case, would be simple. Rather than bringing all people together in one physical space, it gathers all the images and groups them together in one place. That way, you and your friends could take their own selfie with their own cell phone, and then each device would remove the background.

The isolated images are sent to a single smartphone, which does this job of setting up the selfie with everyone framed. Despite not detailing the operation, the feature could exploit the depth sensor to cut out the background.

It is also mentioned that when the synthetic selfies were finalized, they could be sent via AirDrop. This, in this case, would require the devices to be physically close, but the patent also mentions remote sharing.

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Like thousands of other patents, this does not indicate that Apple can, in fact, launch such a feature.


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