The new Powerbeats Pro headphones of the Beats brand, which was bought by Apple for $ 3 billion in 2014, were announced with 4 color options, and the date when the headphones went on sale has emerged.

The details of Apple‘s Beats firm’s new Powerbeats Pro model, which have been rumored for a long time, have finally become official.

The company officially announced the new Powerbeats Pro headphones, available in 4 colors, to be offered to consumers on June 9 at a price of $ 250.

Powerbeats Pro comes in 4 color options:

The new Powerbeats Pro headphones, which will have 4 color options such as Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, Lava Red and Glacier Blue, remain true to the old series in terms of color and do not offer any innovations.

Powerbeats Pro headphones, which seem to make users very happy in terms of usage time with the case box with charging capability, are claimed to be used for a day on a single charge. However, you can charge the headphones for only 5 minutes and use them for 90 minutes.

You can easily pair your Powerbeats Pro headphones, which come with Apple’s H1 chip, with all your Apple devices and access your virtual assistant at any time, by commanding “Hey Siri” without having to press any buttons.

Powerbeats Pro headphones, which also have IPX4 water and sweat resistance certificate, seem to be preferred by athletes with their ear-hugging design. Despite all these features, the Powerbeats Pro model unfortunately does not have active noise canceling.


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