iOS 15 News: The Cupertino tech giant has outdone itself when it comes to privacy. Apple will be talked about a lot with its breakthroughs with iOS 15 on the privacy side.


The biggest point people miss in the development of technology has been privacy lately. People who are not even wiser than the Facebook scandal and say what will happen with my efficiency have become slaves of technology giants. For this group, which is unaware that it can be manipulated with data, Apple continues to make breakthrough after breakthrough. We can say that Apple has raised the bar on privacy with the iOS 15 update. So, what is offered to users on the privacy side with iOS 15?

Apple raises the bar on privacy

With the iOS 14.5 update, the Tracking feature came to iPhones. Thanks to this feature, applications could not collect your data and thus could not process your data. Apple is now leveling up on this feature. With iOS 15, you will be able to see which application collects which data as a report. This situation will not please Facebook and Google.

Apple is also getting their hands on the Mail system. Thanks to the Mail Privacy Protection feature, the malicious tracking system made by companies to collect information about you is prevented. Thanks to Mail Privacy Protection, users can hide their email address and IP address.

The Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature that comes with iOS 14 also improves with iOS 15. The Smart Tracking Prevention feature, which will be used more effectively, hides your IP address while visiting sites. We can say that Apple offers a secure VPN service in itself. Since your IP address is hidden, data monster companies will take a big hit in advertising. For those who want to protect their data, Apple will offer this amazing feature before the end of 2021.

Apple is also making improvements to its voice assistant Siri. Voice processing in Siri will now be stored inside Apple devices, not servers. This will both increase security and make Siri work faster.

With the Share current location feature, users will be able to easily share their current location with an app only once, without giving the developer access outside the allowed session. Thanks to the development of the limited access feature to the photo library, developers can offer smart functions such as the recent photos folder for certain albums, where the user only grants limited access.

Thanks to the secure paste feature that will come with iOS 15, developers allow users to paste content copied from a different application into their own applications, while developers cannot access the copied content until the user takes action to paste. In this way, applications cannot see the content you copied.

It takes a blind eye to ignore Apple’s breakthroughs in privacy. Know the value of your data. Do not share your data with companies. Remember that at the end of the day your data will be a weapon that turns to you.


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