ICloud? In Chrome browser for Apple, Windows and Mac users. It released an iCloud password extension that allows keychain passwords to be used on PCs.

Apple has released an official iCloud Passwords extension on the Chrome Web Store. The new extension allows Windows and Mac users to use and sync passwords stored in iCloud Keychain to their Chrome browser.

Access to iCloud Passwords in Chrome
iCloud Keychain helps Safari users remember the usernames and passwords created in that browser, credit card information and Wi-Fi passwords. This is not a problem for iPhone owners who use a Mac and manage cross-device passwords via Safari, but Apple’s new extension is especially important for people who have an iPhone or iPad but use a Windows 10 PC.

The extension, called iCloud Passwords, allows users to access passwords created in Apple’s Safari browser in Google Chrome. In addition, it ensures that the passwords created in Chrome are synchronized with iCloud, allowing these passwords to be used on Apple devices.


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