The Apple foldable phone project aims exactly that! Recently, brands want to have a say with their foldable devices.


The foldable phone competition that started between Huawei and Samsung is getting bigger. With the addition of the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold model, users were surprised which device to choose. Even though each model is sold for high prices, the users of these devices are mostly competent people already in high positions. Therefore, companies continue their production without slowing down. In fact, a new brand is joining the competition. Apple has started to work on the dream of a foldable phone and these models will reach us in 2023. Here are the details!

Apple Decides to Manufacture a Foldable Phone!

Apple announced that the famous Ming-Chi Kuo Cupertino-based smart device giant will produce a foldable phone and will be available for sale in 2023. We even got some details about the device. For example, when the device is turned on, it will have an 8 ″ QHD + resolution display. The supplier of the screen will be Samsung, but the touch screen will have the silver nanowire technology of the TPK side. Apple plans to sell about 15-20 million of this model.

Apart from Apple, other companies will also turn to foldable smartphones. It is expected that the 4 brands specified as OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Honor will announce that they will produce smartphones by the end of this year or in the first period of the new year. It is estimated that a total of 17 million devices will be sold for these brands.

We have no doubt about the accuracy of the information given by Kuo, but if the market does not like this device, Apple may suddenly abandon its plans, it should not be forgotten.


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