Apple wants to play an active role in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. Apple has made health improvements in its newly released iOS 13.5 update, aiming to comfort users to some extent.

Apple has released iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 updates for all compatible iPhones and iPads today. The update, which does not feature much, seems to have brought special innovations to the state of the world recently. Within the scope of the fight against COVID-19, Apple will also be pulling its arms, and new features are being introduced to some applications. The main theme of the update is to develop follow-up applications to help healthcare organizations.

Apple and Google are working together on this matter because this disease, which is on the agenda of the world, is not a benefit. Offering cross-platform support, this software works harmoniously between iPhones and Android devices. Only the health organizations of the state can intervene in this software, which is closed to the development of third parties. Apple, which has recently come up with some privacy issues, explained that users should not have any doubts about this application and added that it is concerned with security vulnerabilities on the application.

Another innovation is related to Face ID. Face ID, which now detects the mask, will not bother trying to recognize your face. Realizing that the person is wearing a mask, the system will send the user directly to the password panel. This is good news in terms of not having your face read and trying to read again. In this way, fluency will be provided about the user experience.

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Another one of the changes in iOS 13.5 came by Medical ID. The summary of this structure, which works in supported locations, is that when you make an emergency call from your phone, information about you will be transmitted to the other party automatically. There is no information on whether this works in our country, but we would like to see that this feature will be used actively in our country soon.

You can upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the new version as soon as possible. If you want, you can manually download your software from Settings> General> Software Update and provide some convenience in this difficult process.


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