iOS 14.7 News: Apple from Cupertino has officially failed in security with the iOS 14.7 update. The latest update comes with security vulnerabilities.


The iOS 14.7 update, which Apple has been testing for a long time, was presented to everyone the other day. This update, which comes with a series of improvements, will unfortunately cost Apple a lot. Unfortunately, Apple failed in security with the iOS 14.7 update. So, what critical security bug does the latest update cause?

As you know, people cannot go out without a mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the mask, FaceID, the face reading technology on the iPhone X and later, was disabled. In order not to solve this, Apple released an update in the past months and it was good for those who had an Apple Watch. Apple, which offers the opportunity to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch, caused a security vulnerability in this feature with the latest update.

Because of this problem, which Apple acknowledges, the Apple Watch can no longer unlock the iPhone, or the Apple Watch is unlocked even if it is not on your wrist. The technology giant from Cupertino seems to be releasing an update for this problem soon. For now, it shows as re-passing your Apple Watch as a workaround. If you have an Apple Watch, it’s a good idea to change your password and re-enter it.

It seems that the error in iOS 14.7, which is thought to be the last update before iOS 15, will cause Apple to release iOS 14.7. Let’s see if the technology giant can solve this problem as soon as expected.


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