Apple has recently acknowledged the bug reported by users that caused pink pixels on the screen on new Mac mini models and is trying to resolve it.

A few months ago, users on Apple’s forums, Reddit, and MacRumors started complaining about the pink pixel problem on Mac minis with a proprietary M1 processor. Data on this was published in November last year.

Users reported pink pixels on the screen when they connected their Mac mini to a monitor via HDMI or Thunderbolt. The problem is reported to occur when the device is mostly connected via HDMI. At the same time, the company acknowledged the problem based on MacRumors data and is working on a solution to fix it.

Apple offered a workaround
Apple has not given a date for the solution yet, but with the macOS Big Sur 11.3 release, the fault is expected to be fixed. So far, the following workaround has been suggested to fix the issue:

– Put your Mac mini to sleep;
– Wait two minutes and turn on your Mac mini;
– Unplug the monitor cable from the Mac mini and reconnect it;
– Change the screen resolution (System Preferences -> Monitors).
If the problem recurs, you need to follow the above steps again.


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