Apple shook hands with the Chinese supplier BOE for its new flagship series, the iPhone 13. The company will buy OLED displays from BOE. It was a nice deal.


With the new iPhone series, Apple plans to make the iPhone 12 Mini forget its failure, and continues to work from where it left off. The company, which will also include Apple Pencil support for the new iPhone series, would be separated from its competitors with this feature, and the same feature came by Samsung. The company, which took over the leadership of the smartphone market from Samsung with its sales in the fourth quarter of 2020, has signed an interesting and vital agreement today.

In previous reports, we talked about why Huawei does not buy from Samsung smartphone screens. Huawei first reached an agreement with Samsung, and shortly after that agreement with the Chinese supplier BOE. In the new flagships, BOE signed smartphone screens were also used. Another name that preferred BOE after Huawei was Apple.

Apple signs BOE for iPhone 13 Series

The company, which managed to meet the expectations with the iPhone 12 series, created a disappointment in sales with the iPhone 12 Mini. The company, which came to the agenda with the developments regarding the iPhone 13 before long, has signed a new agreement today. The company, which has signed with BOE as the main supplier of OLED panels for iPhone 13 smartphones, will be stronger with OLED LTPO displays. While the details of the agreement have not come to light yet, the Chinese supplier preferred BOE, like Huawei, at Apple.


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