Apple is in trouble again for obscene photos. It looks like Apple will pay a hefty compensation. Here are the details.


Apple, which came to the fore with the leaking of nude photos and videos of celebrities on iCloud for a while, then took great measures and introduced the two-step verification system. The Cupertino company got into trouble again, this time because of the obscene photos.

Apple paid millions of dollars in compensation!

This event, which started in 2016 when a 21-year-old student gave his iPhone to be repaired, is quite interesting. The student claimed that during the repair of his iPhone, someone in the technical service had hacked into his Facebook account and uploaded obscene photos and videos. Under normal circumstances, the technical service should only deal with the repair of the phone and not look at personal data.

It was announced today by the Telegraph that this lawsuit, which started about 5 years ago, has recently concluded and Apple has paid millions of dollars to the student for this situation. After the student’s friends informed, these photos and videos were removed by the student in a short time.

This mistake of Apple, which is always one step ahead in terms of privacy, is not actually 100 percent caused by the company. This situation is very sad due to the human factor being involved in the work and the malicious behavior of the employee. According to the information conveyed, two people in the technical team uploaded these obscene photos and videos.

“When we learned of this appalling violation of our policies from one of our vendors in 2016, we took immediate action and have continued to strengthen our vendor protocols ever since,” the tech giant told The Telegraph. used the phrases.

It is said that Apple has overhauled its technical team in this process and has taken some measures to prevent such situations from happening again.


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