Apple has already rolled up its sleeves for 6G technology.
Apple has posted multiple job postings showing it will hire engineers to run on 6G technology.

In this sense, the company seems to want to move forward within the company for the technology, rather than relying on partners like Qualcomm for next-generation wireless technology. The first job postings detected by Bloomberg include titles such as Wireless Research Systems Engineer – 5G / 6G and RAN1 / RAN4 Standards Engineer.

“You will research and design next generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks, with an emphasis on the PHY / MAC / L2 / L3 layers. Join industry / academic forums passionate about 6G technology and contribute to future 3GPP RAN study items related to 6G technology. ” statements attract attention.

Apple introduced the first 5G iPhone smartphones from the iPhone 12 series late last year. Qualcomm modems were used in these devices. Recently, it is said that Apple is planning to design its own modems. This way, Apple can remove Qualcomm components from future phones. As you know, we encountered a similar situation in new Mac models. The company is now using its own Apple M1 processors instead of Intel chips.

Apple recently joined the Next G Alliance industry group with other companies such as LG and Google. Thus, we worked together to define the features of 6G, which has emerged and is not yet expected to reach consumers for many years. There are no details about the 6G’s timeline, technical features or features yet.


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