With the latest update published, the Apple Store application on iPads has received a new sidebar to make it easier for users to navigate the application.

Technology giant Apple has redesigned the application with an update published by the Apple Store for the iPad application. With the new design, a sidebar on the left side of the screen has been added to the application.

New look in the Apple Store app for iPadOS

The redesigned Apple Store app now provides quick access to specific shopping areas with a sidebar on the left in both portrait and landscape mode.

The sidebar includes Sessions, For You page, Search, Bag, and Recent Orders buttons for quick access. In addition, the sidebar can be hidden, so it does not appear on the screen when not needed.

Alongside the redesign, the company offers support for virtual Today at Apple sessions that will help users learn from the basics to ways to stay productive. In addition, with the update, users will be able to add a keyboard or Apple Pencil seamlessly while shopping for iPad.


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