Apple may keep all its retail stores outside of China closed for longer than expected. A notification saying “Our retail stores are closed until the next announcement” appeared on the homepage of Apple’s website. The company said it would close its non-Chinese stores by March 27, as one of the purposes of controlling the spread of the Corona virus.

Apple updated its notification
The technology giant has previously said that it will close Apple Stores outside China until March 27 to take action due to the Corona virus epidemic. However, the notification has been updated today. The news was first reported by 9to5Mac. The banner, updated by Apple, shows that the company is preparing to keep stores closed for longer.

After store closings, Apple posted an FAQ on its website that answers important questions customers may have about repairs and returns. The FAQ in this post reported that Apple stores will be closed except March 27, except for China. Now, however, it seems that Apple has not yet made an update regarding this change.

The update can only be related to the USA
Specifically, the banner currently only appears on Apple’s U.S. site. Therefore, it is still uncertain whether the unlimited closure mentioned applies to all retail stores except China. To limit the spread of the Corona virus, on Monday, the U.S. government advised the public to avoid more than 10 meetings. Apple’s new update may be related to this issue.

Apple plans to continue paying salaries for hourly workers during store closings and expands leave policies to cover personal or family health issues caused by COVID-19. This policy; including caring for a sick relative, compulsory quarantine, or childcare.


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