Apple from Cupertino shocked everyone by using a MediaTek chip. Beats Studio Buds do not have the Apple H1 chip.


Apple recently came up with Beats Studio Buds, the new headphone of Beats, which is under its own roof. Everyone thought that the Apple H1 chip was included in this headset. We can say that it shocked everyone by starting to use a chip signed by Apple MediaTek instead of this chip in AirPods.

Apple surprised everyone with its MediaTek choice

Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the Beats Studio Buds are based on MediaTek’s 22nm chip system instead of the 16nm Apple H1 platform. It is believed that the reason MediaTek uses the chipset instead of its own semiconductor product is for better compatibility with Android devices. Because the technology giant from Cupertino is now focusing on Android users to increase its market share in the completely wireless headset category.

Thanks to Apple’s preference for MediaTek, Beats Studio Buds can work on both iPhone and Android with the same performance. It is very pleasing that the technology giant wants to sell accessories to its rival platform, Android, and makes initiatives in this area. Switching to Type-C on iPad and MacBook, Apple is expected to abandon Lightning with the iPhone 14 family. In this way, universal accessories will also be available for both iPhone and Android.

It is noteworthy that Apple, under the management of Tim Cook, has stretched its ecosystem and its recent breakthroughs. Probably Apple will not listen to competitors in the near future and will roll up its sleeves for a universal system.

It is not known what policy Apple will follow for the 3rd generation AirPods, which is expected to be introduced soon. The company, which identifies the AirPods brand with Apple devices, will again choose the Apple H1 chip, according to our estimates. For a while, we think that the Beats brand will come with chips like MediaTek to be compatible with rival companies.


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