Apple is after its money again. It turned out that Apple’s privacy features that will come with iOS 15 will not be used in some countries.


At its WWDC 21 event, Apple announced a feature called “Private Relay” that hides your IP address by passing your internet data between Apple’s servers and an additional 3rd party server. This system, which works in a structure similar to the TOR system, would almost level up the iPhones in terms of privacy. Today, however, a rather ugly truth has emerged.

Apple will not offer privacy in these countries!

The technology giant from Cupertino has announced that its IP addresses will not be hidden in China, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda and the Philippines. Since there is an oppressive regime in these countries, it is not possible to hide IP addresses. Our technology giant also accepts in advance to surrender instead of opposing the oppressive regime in order to make money from these countries.

We were already expecting such a move from Apple, which derives 15 percent of its revenue from China. Since VPN is prohibited in China, it was obvious from the first minute that this TOR-like system would not work. China is so strict on this issue that iCloud servers were opened in China in the past years. The Cupertino company, which does not want to push its revenues in China, where the oppressive regime is applied, treats according to its man.

At WWDC 21, it was said that the purpose of the feature is to prevent advertisers from tracking internet users. However, banning this system in these countries may be a sign that Apple will offer complete privacy in free and free countries like China.

It is very sad that Apple favors people to make money like other companies. Privacy should be for everyone. This feature should be offered not only in free countries, but also to citizens of countries where an inhuman oppressive regime is applied.


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