There will be an update for ultra-wide monitor support on M1 Mac models.
For those who want to pair an Apple M1-based Mac with an ultra-wide monitor, things are not going well for now.

The reason for this is the lack of resolution supported in ultra-wide and super ultra-wide monitors connected to M1 Macs. Fortunately, Apple promises to provide a macOS update to fix this shortcoming.

The company is already testing macOS Big Sur 11.2. Additionally, there is a possibility that the fix can be included in this version. On the other hand, details about when this fix will come are not shared.

It is possible for users to use tools like SwitchResX as a solution for higher resolutions, but of course it does not make much sense to have to use a third-party application to use your monitor as intended.

The update shows that Apple’s in-house processors are still new and have had a few issues, including monitors. It’s also not possible to officially add multiple external displays to new MacBooks.


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