Apple attracted attention with the use of its rival Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S21 in its advertisement for Beats Studio Buds.


The rivalry between Apple and Samsung had not fallen from the technology agenda for years. In this process, both companies published advertisements that clashed with each other. The most notable among these ads were the ads where Samsung made fun of the iPhone X’s notch. However, there was an interesting development today. The new advertisement for Beats Studio Buds, the new headphone of Beats, which is part of Apple, may be a signal that the competition is sweetened.

The ice between Apple and Samsung may melt

We have recently conveyed to you that Apple uses a MediaTek chip instead of the H1 chip in the Beats Studio Buds model. With this move, the company from Cupertino ensured the full efficiency of its headset with both iOS devices and Android devices. The technology giant featured Samsung’s Galaxy S21 model, which is a rival company, in the advertisement image of the Beats Studio Buds model it published today.

The use of the Galaxy S21 in the ad signals that the headset also works efficiently with Android phones. In this way, the technology giant, which has only given examples from its own ecosystem and devices in its advertisements, broke new ground and gave the green light to its competitors.


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