Sources state that the helmet, with a powerful processor and high-resolution lenses, is in the prototype stage, but still has problems to solve.

Apple’s interest in virtual reality technologies has been known for a long time and it continues to invest in software / hardware in iOS devices accordingly. The latest information is that the virtual reality helmet has reached the prototype stage.

What will the Apple VR helmet offer?
In the news published by Bloomberg, based on the sources, it is stated that Apple’s virtual reality works have become flesh and blood. It is stated that Apple wants to develop helmets separately for virtual reality and rich reality, but the priority is virtual reality.

Apple has reached the prototype stage in this process. The virtual reality helmet, which has a fabric-covered body, will include a special processor that will go par with the Apple M1 in the future.

In some prototypes, it is stated that the camera is placed on the outside, so that the outside environment can be scanned. An iOS version, code named rOS, has been developed for the helmet and the necessary support is provided through the application store.

However, it is stated that the helmet gets very hot and a fan is placed. Consequently, its dimensions have also grown. The lenses of the helmet, which are not ideal for long use, also increase the costs. Sources say Apple has a long way to go before the helmet is suitable for mainstream use.

In this respect, it seems that Apple’s virtual reality helmet will not be released in the near future. At the earliest we may have a chance to see the Apple VR helmet demonstration in late 2022 or early 2023.


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