Apple loves to come up with the cases it frequently filed. The firm, which was justified in many of these cases and earned compensation income, announced that it is now filing a lawsuit for something unusual. Apple sued a company for the logo, yes you did not read it wrong. The technology giant from Cupertino sued the Prepear company, which uses the logo of the “PEAR” fruit we know.



Prepear company, which is a food application, operates as a recipe application in its own right on the App Store and Play Store. Prepear, which uses pear as its logo selection, has a very minimalist design. By the way, the pear logo is not bitten like Apple’s logo. Apple still sued Prepear.

So what Apple? Can’t anyone use a fruit logo just because you have the apple logo? If you are going to sue even logos that do not resemble the Apple logo at all, this will be the water.

Prepear founder Natalie Monson, Apple; It accuses tech firms of attacking small businesses that may not have the financial means to fight long litigation. Natalie is right too. What’s more, because of a fruit logo, what is it to sue a small company for a logo that doesn’t have the slightest resemblance from afar? We hope that Prepear company is right in this event that brings out our statement that bears eat the best of pear.

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