In Australia, Apple filed a lawsuit to prevent a startup from using the name Pineapple. If you didn’t understand, let’s explain: apple means apple in Portuguese, while pineapple means pineapple. However, although Apple did not comment, it appears that it considers that any technology company that has a fruit name with the suffix “apple” would be enough to confuse its customers or, at the very least, its brand could be used as a “stepping stone” marketer ”for third-party companies to be successful, without Apple receiving the due credits.

This, however, does not seem to be the case with Australian Pineapple, which was founded last year in Melbourne and specializes in helping its customers save money. To do this, users would have to download an app that connects to their bank accounts and monitors their expenses.

The app’s strategy is to save users “one pineapple per week”. Pineapple is an Australian slang for the AU $ 50 bill. In Brazil, for example, the R $ 50 bill is called a “cock” in some regions.

Since Pineapple launched its app last week, it has struggled to register the brand. Apple has filed a lawsuit and, at least temporarily, has prevented the company from using the word “pineapple” as the name of the application.

Pineapple does not compete with Apple

Kari Marsden and Luke Campbell, co-founders of the Australian startup, said they thought Apple would support their idea, since they too were born with an unusual name.

In addition, their company does not compete with Apple in any segment. Even though the Apple Card is a financial service, the two applications have very different purposes.

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Marsden and Campbell intend to enter a legal dispute, which, according to themselves, should last at least a year.


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