It turned out that Apple, which has partnered with Rockley Photonics, has been working on health technologies for about two years. Blood sugar measurement may come in the near future.

Apple Watch, which has become one of the biggest helpers in terms of health today in its adventure as a smart watch, continues to gain new features. Blood sugar measurement feature may come in the near future.

Studies continue

Apple Watch gained the ability to measure heart rate, sleep cycle, cardiography, and finally the oxygen value in the blood. A British company’s Securities Commission report revealed the new feature.

British health technology company Rockley Photonics stated in the report that it has been partnering with Apple for about 2 years and that they have developed technologies for the development of new products. The company’s specialty is to develop sensors that can measure blood sugar or alcohol content and blood pressure.

Sources think that the most suitable sensor for Apple Watch is to be able to measure blood sugar, because diabetes is one of the most important health problems of our day. Considering a two-year working period, we can say that it will appear in Apple Watch 7 or 8 models.


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