Apple Watch News: We can say that Apple’s smart watch Apple Watch has failed with its EKG feature. Apple’s favorite can not detect heart conditions.


As you know, the technology giant from Cupertino is very proud of the technological advances it has made in the field of health. The company, which has managed to come to the fore with the innovations it has recently added to the Apple Watch smart watch, has brought the ECG feature to its watches in recent years. It was said that thanks to this feature, which is known as the electrocardiogram, the lives of many people would be saved. However, today’s information is not in that direction.

Apple Watch should measure different ECG in women

A study was conducted in Michigan, USA, where the Apple Watch warned a woman of a heart attack, and according to statistics, only 12 percent survived. This type of heart attack, which affects a woman’s arteries, carries an 88 percent risk of death if it does not occur in hospital. In the last incident, the woman’s heart recorded a pulse of approximately 169 beats. Fearing that her heart rhythm would rise after only 12 steps, the woman immediately called her husband and then the doctor.

An EKG taken at the hospital revealed that the woman had recently had a heart attack and her arteries were completely blocked, but Apple Watch didn’t know about it. Unlike men who experience severe chest pain, women have different symptoms. Diane Finstra felt a pain running down her left arm. He had mild swelling and indigestion in his left foot. She believed the pain in her arm was caused by the vacuum she had recently made.

Apple is expected to use different ECG measurements for men and women after this event. The new model, which will be introduced this year, will come with innovations in terms of design. According to a claim, the new model will even include a sugar measurement feature. However, it is not yet known how Apple will do this.


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