Youtuber Jon Prosser has, in recent weeks, steadily reinforced his name as one of the newest leaks of Apple’s upcoming news, having been able to predict the arrival of the new generation of the iPhone SE, the new iPad models and also the newly 13 “MacBook Pro launched.

Now, Prosser reaffirms that the next generation of the Apple Watch, chronologically called the Series 6, must embrace a feature that could be considered a major differentiator for many: the ability to detect panic attacks.

The function had already been corroborated in the coming wearable since the beginning of the year, after the leakage of some iOS 14 codes that also pointed to the inclusion of the ability to measure blood oxygen.

The leaker commented on a recent episode of the Geared Up podcast about the possibility, saying in free translation something like:

“What is their main focus now and I hope it comes this year, it may be for the next one, but I hope to see that at WWDC, they are mental health capabilities. Where they can measure the levels of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate and determine if you are hyperventilating.
They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn on the clock. Especially if you are driving, they will ask you to pull over and offer breathing exercises once the vehicle is stopped. ”

We cannot deny that the inclusion of these resources would, in fact, be able to save many lives, seeing that the levels of oxygen in the blood are capable of indicating several problems that require medical attention.

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Recalling that since the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has offered an ECG feature, which unfortunately is not yet available everywhere in the world.


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