Apple Watch Series 6 will be released a few months later, though its name is not mentioned much. Some features of the smart watch, which is expected to be launched with the iPhone 12 series, were leaked in September. The features shared by an application developer include a very striking detail.

Apple Watch Series 6 to detect mental health abnormalities
According to Nikias Molina, who is also a YouTuber, Apple’s new watch will come across users with the ability to detect sleep tracking, pulse oximetry and mental health “abnormalities”. The mental health issue is already a big curiosity.

It has been criticized that the watch, which allows to follow almost all data on health, does not have an internal sleep tracking feature. Although there are various alternatives, it is gratifying that Apple will offer its own solution to users.

Pulse oximeter first appeared in March. It is a very useful feature that can save lives by warning the user about the condition of their lungs, especially in this period when the world is struggling with the corona virus. It is also stated that the new smartwatch can detect panic attacks and stress. In this way, it will help mental stress problems.

In addition to all this, it will confront users with a better processor (S6) and a better battery life.


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