Apple Watch Series 7 will make Apple say it is a place if it opens a hospital. Rumor has it that the new model will be able to measure sugar, alcohol and blood pressure.


Apple Watch has so far managed to come to the fore with its various fitness and health-related features. With Series 6, Apple also added Blood Oxygen (SpO2) tracking to its watch. With Apple Watch Series 7, health features will officially level up. According to the information conveyed, the new model will make life easier for those with chronic diseases with its health capabilities.

UK health technology firm Rockley Photonics has confirmed that Apple can deploy its new sensors as early as 2022. So what will these sensors be? According to the new report, it is considered certain that the Apple Watch will come with blood pressure monitoring and alcohol level monitoring in 2022. Apple will also add the feature to throw away sugar measuring mannequins to its watch next year.

In the report on Britain’s health technology firm Rockley Photonics; It is stated that these patents were received and started to be used by Apple. Apple will add these features to its smartwatch with Series 7. However, it is wondered what the Cupertino company will do for sugar measurement and how it will follow.

Because glucose meters work with blood as we know it to measure sugar. To measure the sugar, a blood is taken from the finger and this blood glucose meter is placed. This stick is then placed in the machine. It is wondering how Apple will overcome these stages and measure blood sugar.

It is also possible for Apple to put the glucose meter on the Apple Watch by following a different route. We can measure sugar by following the same way with Apple Watch compatible glucometer sticks. However, this would be a meaningless and troublesome way, as you can rightly agree. Let’s see how Apple will resolve this issue.

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