Apple Watch Series 8 News; Exciting information about the Apple Watch Series 8, which Apple will introduce next year, has emerged. The new model may include Touch ID.


Apple, which dominates the smart watch market with the Apple Watch family, will almost intimidate its competitors with its health-oriented features this year. The company, which will appear with Series 7 at the end of 2021, will use special sensors for sugar measurement in this model, according to rumors. In terms of design, the company from Cupertino, which is said to switch to a diagonal design like the iPhone 12 family, will detonate the real bomb in 2022. With the Apple Watch Series 8, a new era may begin in the smartwatch market next year.

Apple Watch Series 8 will take security to the next level with Touch ID

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg says that the new series will come with Touch ID, that is, a fingerprint reader. This feature, which will increase security to the next level, is expected to be integrated into the screen. It was known that Apple was already working on this issue. However, it was considered that the under-screen fingerprint reader would not reach this year. With the iPhone 14 and AP Series 8, Apple will be able to overcome all obstacles and integrate the fingerprint under the screen.

Apple Watches are currently only password protected. The password is disabled while the watch is on the wrist. Apple’s fingerprint sensor will probably come into play in the App Store and similar applications. Opening the way for standalone applications for the Apple Watch, Apple can use Touch ID for purchases.

We think that this system will also be used in password applications such as 1Password. In fact, the next level can be to lock the app you want with Touch ID. This is all that is known about the Series 8, which will be introduced at the end of 2022. It is likely that Apple will not be in the industry again in health and will continue its leadership.


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