Apple will now automatically share the health details of iPhone and Watch users calling the emergency hotline 911 with their emergency teams.

Apple aims to facilitate the work of both users and emergency teams with the service it is preparing for new commissioning. IPhone and Apple Watch owners who will call the emergency phone number 911 in the U.S. will be able to automatically share their health information.

The details in the Medical ID you have created within Apple will be shared automatically as soon as you call 911 and of course depending on your request. As soon as you call from your phone, your details such as your age, health status, past illnesses, medications, allergies, blood type, height and weight registered in Medical ID will be transferred to the system at the same time.

With this new service from Apple, healthcare professionals who have become urgent will have a lot of information about you. Especially in these moments when even seconds will be important, there will be no dialogue with the patient, and the health workers who intervene will already have this information about you. In addition, if you become unconscious after your emergency request, healthcare professionals will still have information and ideas about your past ailments and allergies.

Apple will launch this new feature with iOS 13.5. This feature, which first appears in the beta version of the new version, will be tested during the beta period and will be implemented later. Of course, it should be noted that the application only works for 911 calls made in the USA for now. However, after an international integration, we estimate that the emergency telephone lines of other countries may be integrated with the system.


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