As it is known, the iPhone 12 Mini could not give what was expected. The iPhone 12 Mini, which has a very bad performance with its sales figures, is also on Apple’s agenda now. The phone model, which is obvious to be withdrawn from mass production, continues to sell in the world. Apple has unplugged the new phone, but continues to pursue other things. According to allegations, Apple may introduce three new products in March. The names of these products are estimated as AirTags, mini-Led iPad Pro and AirPods 3.



The technology company, which earns millions of dollars with different products every year, became the center of attention in 2021. The company, which does not fall off the agenda with its foldable iPhone model, is now preparing to be engraved with new technological products. The company, which made a bad start to 2021 with the iPhone Mini, aims to make this failure forget with its new products.

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Apple to Detonate Bombs in March

According to the information we have obtained, the world-famous technology company will introduce three new products in March. IPad Pro is one of these products. Lenovo and Samsung recently announced their new tablets and started to display them on their websites. Apple will not remain silent in the face of this situation and will present the new tablet model to millions of users.

Among the products expected to be introduced will be AirTags and AirPods 3, which will be the competitors of the Galaxy Smart Tag in addition to the iPad Pro. According to allegations, the iPad pro will appear as 12.9 inches in size. It will appear in March by almost making a reverse corner in AirTag, which is expected to come in the October M1 event. There will be a lot of information about new products in March. We will continue to share this information with you.


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